How to date men with different signs of the zodiac. Part III

11/28/2016 - 20:35
How to date men with different signs of the zodiac. Part III


Leo is overbearing king who does not know how to find compromises. You will have to work hard to find arguments to convince his "Leo" in reverse. Do not be surprised if in the end when he will take your idea and will present for it as the "idea of ​​the century."You still dutifully carry out his will, listen and talk time of approval of speech, even if he seems absolutely flattery. A male lion will never feel. Do you want to charm him? Listen to him, with mouth open, in all assents and constantly talking about his greatness. Prepare to be that you have to share with them a mirror, shelves in the bathroom and closet. Three of five leather jackets and suede shoes were obviously not enough. But do not forget that if you accept the terms of the Lion of the game, you will never be unhappy or not loved in a relationship. But! Even if you tamed the "big cat", from time to time he would still be walking alone with those with whom he wants to.


From which planet came this man? With Mercury, who from birth controls Dev life? If you've heard the deep expression, it is fully consistent with this character. This is the kind of person who likes to do everything by himself: he is his own boss, he drives the car, consider the money ... Such freedom-loving men choose a job in which without bosses. Manage and manipulate Virgin is impossible. As head they can hire workers only to someone listened carefully to their instructions - to work alone are not accustomed to the Virgin. Do not attempt to treat the Virgin, a man does not miss the opportunity to cheer, too strictly by the minute to take pills without violating doctor's recommendation and they are inveterate workaholics. If he had found his life's work, consider that lost her man at the work front.


Have you ever seen the ancient statue of Venus de Milo? Indeed the standard of beauty! So man Libra is good-looking, great complex, with excellent physique and beautiful fingers. If you ask: "Why do we compare a man with Venus" So it is this planet patronizes this sign. The hence is all the subtlety of his soul and elegance of manners. If you do not want lose such a man, never to commit gross and ignorant behavior with him. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, and be sure to wipe the table after a romantic dinner. What do you exactly do not forgive, it's an encroachment on its territory – Libras are individualists your bank account, own credit history and, of course, its comb. Even if you live for several years together, until the end you do not know: it's a fluffy white kitten or a wild deer? Such a man keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries. For any question he will answer in one word: "We will see. "We will see". "I do not know". Do not be surprised if one day sees in front of their windows, luxury car or learn what the owner of a new apartment became. Man Libra likes to surprise his partner, and he will give odds to any sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio is like a Rubik's Cube. And how quickly you learn to deal with it; it depends only on your desire to be with him. Imagine that you reading a good detective - in the course of the dive you are sure you know exactly how to begin the story line, but when it comes to the final, "I’m understand that I’m do not understand anything" and have to start all over again. You can never guess what is now in the head Scorpion, what he thinks about and what emotions are experienced. It is not necessary that representative strongly provoke the senses and persistently climb into his soul - it can hurt you bite into words. If a man is silent - it does not mean that he does not agree with you. Scorpio will do anything to subdue your life to his desires. At the very beginning of cohabitation, you will learn about all his preferences and habits, and do not notice how the morning will brew his tea with two lumps of sugar, spread butter on brown bread and put on top of a slice of goat cheese 5 millimeters thick. In this case you will have to go to tint eyelashes and smooth out the folds of the dress - Scorpios love eyes.