How to date with men with different zodiac signs?

11/28/2016 - 20:16
How to date with men with different zodiac signs?

Aries - the first sign in the zodiac, which means that its representatives have a lot of childish. Typically, such a man looks younger than his age, and to be perfectly frank, it seems that they do not grow old. If you ever met a marathoner or old age grandfather that dancing twist - this is the typical adult Aries. These men keep a sense of celebration of life in the quiet everyday life. If you are like noisy companies, the "lamb" is for you - with him you never get bored. Be prepared for the fact that you can pick up in the night for a romantic stroll through the city. Failure is not taken - to be capricious in these relations allowed only to him, and your task spotlights toward the elect. Near Aries life will resemble a children's swing: that you rise so high that the man did not hesitate to try to get you a star from the sky; it will appear at the bottom and you will see all the earthiness of your partner.


A representative of this sign combines several ideal masculinity. He is patient, wise and houses. He never starts accusing you of infidelity, if you do not sort out the situation before the end and will not show the most tangible evidence of self-righteousness, and your levity. Something that, but print it out of balance, and waving a red rag in front of the nose of the bull is not necessary - will prove to be with him in the arena, where you can hurt prick the side or even spread on the horn. About domesticity Taurus is legendary; no wonder this sign is in the house of talent and money. He is well-earned, but never allows a woman to let your money away. However, you will be allowed to buy things from different cute souvenir shop during a romantic trip, and then together to place their home. The famous Taurus, so it is a good appetite. Feed him sandwiches or fast food will not have to buy a cookbook by Jamie Oliver and enroll "fancy cakes".


To better understand the twins, turn to mythological characteristics of this sign. This is an image of two brothers who are embracing and looking at each other; one lives in the realm of the dead, the other - among the living. So in reality: it is often the man immersed in the world of their own illusions; he has his own vision for the family and the woman. The main thing is do not stop him from dreaming, and skillfully put out of the illusory state, get rid of doubt and uncertainty. Give him a chance to be different, and it will seem that a number of lives are not one, but several people. The mood of the men is changing with lightning speed: he is now in need of consolation, the next minute - approval, and in half an hour will again be as happy as ever. Be prepared for the fact that your lover - a lover of talk. He is, indeed, a wonderful speaker! Gemini is a real guide to life, who finds a way out of any difficult situation and shows you the right direction.


Very interesting character! On the one hand, he is a caring father (the sign of Cancer in children is the House); and on the other, by itself, as a child in need of care and comfort. Cancer needs to constantly encourage and motivation. If you do not give it, he is just inflates, climb deep into your house and close it, and pull it very difficult from this doldrums. Remember that the strength of the weakness of men. If you are a woman with a strong maternal instinct and the need to constantly take care of someone else, it is the cancer will gladly accept your concern. In this case, you will get not only completely 'manual' partner, but also a good father of a family to which your children will seek advice. It will be for them a good friend and a wonderful teacher who just show empathy and stimulate carrot. But will whip you in this pair. If you are not willing to accept these rules of the game next to the soft and sensitive Cancer, the joint life with him seems too dull.