How to date with men with different zodiac signs? Part II

11/28/2016 - 20:34
How to date with men with different zodiac signs? Part II


"Wanderer, my dear, where are you, what's wrong? Are you in some unknown country? "It makes you want to sing about Sagittarius. This man is in the House of traveler - from here and all of its routes. Even if such a person does not choose a profession associated with the constant trips, it will be regularly takes off on any other occasion. Sagittarius is a true lone wolf. At home, he is sure to find yourself a secluded place and will be there to spend hours on end. Sagittarians love to invent hobbies of them will be good collectors who are well versed in the art. Often these men receive higher education in absentia, because he did not consider it advisable to spend the best years. However, Sagittarius - the most wise sign in the zodiac circle. I want to emphasize, and natural decency of the man. We can bet that Robin Hood was a Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign are always on the side of the weak, women and truth.


Male Capricorn - is the image of the mountain eagle with wings and tail of a fish coming out of the sink. Sophisticated image with seemingly absurd combinations of different qualities and being in her father's house, and the getter. Because of his taciturnity and obstinacy of these men, to put it mildly, an amateur, rather than on the women who is not looking for easy ways and chooses life paths with sharp turns and bumps. It is composed in everything in life, in love relationships. Climbing the career ladder, it reaches great heights in his career. From Capricorns make good bosses. His superiority, they transferred to a family - like command and twist his wife and children. Get ready for what will have to sacrifice for the sake of Capricorn his career to help him climb to the top of Mount Olympus. Next to you will always come as a sad knight who loves heavy armor, large chests and old paintings. From time to time he would disappear on business trips, to disappear in an unknown direction. But, despite the complexity of the character, Capricorn has set big goals, and usually reaches them, thus taking care of the comfort of the household and social level of the family.


You will constantly lose sight of the man-of Aquarius. He was hard to put points in previous relationships, and from time to time he would return to them - suddenly, there remains something still unknown? Go in search of his men from the known addresses and do not be offended, just Aquarius so gallant and naive that it is difficult to say the word "no" - it goes where it will be called. Representatives of this sign appreciate in a relationship friendship; they are able to listen to the woman, taking her under his wing. Next to you will always be a reliable shoulder. Male Aquarians like to solve mysteries, the more you have skeletons in the closet, the more fun to watch him, and to seek for you. An enigmatic smile, leave the solid dot ... Give him all sorts of electronic gadgets - Aquarians love technique. This rarely versed in clothes. If you will stay with him a gray eminence, you will see next to a man who knows how to captivate and amaze, to open new horizons.

You know, at what depths inhabited by man-Fish? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, among them there are two subspecies: freshwater and predatory. The first - the silent and vulnerable, the second is a desperate idealist. The sign Pisces is in the House of secrets. Such a man does the entire puzzle; a sense of mysticism impregnated his whole life. He cannot stand being alone, so it is easy to catch in the marriage network. Fish - great aesthetes, they love the successful and beautiful women. In relationships they give your partner the freedom to self-development, support and help to stand up at any stage. It is not necessary to test his patience, he can hit the tail so that the spray will scatter in different directions - you will not forgive even a light flirtation and do not understand the lack of the evening after work. Such a man lives according to the principle: Fish swim where there are deep feelings and transparency in the relationship.