The relationship at a distance: how to keep the love? StayStrongRelationships

Today more and more people are living far away from their second half, but they don’t know how to keep a relationship strong. There may be many reasons - for example, new prospects for career or education. In any case, a distance relationship is a serious test for love. Is it possible to keep the relationship at a distance in video chat? Support remote relationship is much more complex than usual; they require a sustained effort on the part of both partners. Here are some useful tips for those who have to live far away from a loved one.

How to Build a Strong Relationship

«I miss you so much»

The disadvantages are obvious for relationships at a distance, but how to build a strong relationship? Lovers greatly miss each other, and this constant longing does not add a good mood. A further problem is that in such a relationship is an especially high probability of frequent manifestations of jealousy and fear for the future. Furthermore, it is obvious that people maintaining distance relationship, there is little time together. Accordingly, increasing the likelihood of so moving away and lose contact with each other, the relationship becomes obsolete. Everyone just goes on his way as his familiar and comfortable.

«I love how the first day»

Love at a distance has its advantages, of which we should not forget. There is lot of quotes about strong relationships, but often they are useless for nearly every couple. Couples, in which people rarely see each other, often maintain a passion and freshness of feelings in a relationship. They cherish the time spent together and try to hold it more romantic and varied than those living with partners. People who were in an easy relationship at a distance, it may be easier to maintain their individuality. They are self-reliant, not sacrifice their interests and get more opportunities to realize themselves. This is what not enough for those who living together and feel about for long years together in the future.

Four secrets of happy relationship at a distance of:

« The joy of communication»

How can I communicate frequently with your partner by telephone, Skype, e, or even classy - pigeon mail? Try to communicate with each other not only important news, but also to talk about the details, so if you're very close.

«The sense of community»

Despite the fact that the development of the personality and individuality of the partners, is undoubtedly a positive point, sometimes it can go so far that your ways are no longer intersect. It is very important for those, who don’t know how to keep your relationship strong - how romantic, gentle, and funny - rituals and strive to maintain a sense of "we" - the feeling that you are a single entity.

«Argue with benefit»

Today many couples that is dating only on weekends and even less often, afraid to spend precious time on quarrels and disputes. However, the debate is important for any relationship, when you building strong relationships. Avoid direct confrontation; try to send your dispute in a constructive direction. Conflicts must be resolved; otherwise, there is a risk of escalation and accumulation of discontent on the principle of a snowball. The constructive debate can make your relationships brighter and more stable.

«Let’s build air castles»

Discuss with your partner a joint future. It is simple and it is a quiet good way how to have a strong relationship with your partner. Relations at a distance requires perspectives, otherwise sooner or later one of you will wonder seriously, and whether to continue the relationship. Ideally, you both have to discuss, that sooner or later will be together. And best of all, if you set the exact time. To keep the relationship, both partners have to make considerable efforts. We hope that these tips could give you the courage and energy if you are in a relationship at a distance and worried about it. Always try to think about the positive side of the situation, if you are looking for an answer on a question “how to keep a long distance relationship strong?” -  Follow our advice, do not be afraid - and you will succeed!